Research statement
My research interest lies predominantly in the investigation of the significance of tradition, archaism and ritual on contemporary culture in 'emerging markets'. This research is primarily concerned with East Asia and China, although other 'civilisations' are addressed in comparative studies and in two books in particular; 'A New Art from Emerging Markets'(2011) and 'New Art New Markets' (2017). This particular enquiry has evolved out of my study of the international art market and its historic and philosophical beginning in the Netherlands in the seventeenth century, outlined in 'Understanding International Art Markets: Inside the World of Art and Business' (2016) and key term one, 'Globalisation of the art market', in 'Art Business Today: 20 Key Topics' (2016). The consequence of a particular understanding of human behaviour and volition underscored in 'Book II: Of Ideas pps 109- 354 -An Essay Concerning Human Understanding' by John Locke (1689) have left an imprint on society that I examine in my current text 'Our Culture'(2017).