Understanding Art Markets. Inside the World of Art and Business ,
Routledge, (2016) sole author (combining Understanding Art Markets and Management and The Art Business under one title)
Korean edition (2017). Chinese (2017)


A renewed approach to the study of art markets which takes an increasingly sociological direction as opposed to the economic perspective of the first book in 2005. Here a central section looks at the power of taste in the shaping of value. It also presents alternative approaches to the international art market by focussing on 'museum values' and the autarkic world of craft and the culture of 'gifts'.

'The chapter on Chinese art is particularly fresh and incisive' Robert Bradlow Senior Director and Head of Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, Sotheby's, London.

In claiming that the international art market reflects us, Iain Robertson holds up a mirror every bit as beguiling as Oscar Wilde's 'The picture of Dorian Gray.'
Alistair Hicks, author of The Global Art Compass: New Directions in 21st Century Art.

'His text exudes charm and insight in equal measure and sheds much needed light on the real reasons why people buy art.' Stephen McCoubrey, Curator of Asia and Europe, UBS Art Collection.

He explains the processes by which art is created and valued within the socio-economic context of post-war consumerist society, with a painstakingly curated choice of art and artist from around the world and across the centuries.'
Sundaram Tagore, Sundaram Tagore Galleries, USA

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