A New Art from Emerging Markets
Lund Humphries, (2011) sole author

The first book to look exclusively at the impact of emerging market on the international art market and world. The book introduces and examines three types of emerging market for contemporary art: the very recently established, the maturing and the mature. In temporal terms, the youngest are no more than five years old; the maturing, fifteen years old; and mature up to twenty-five years old. But time is only one measure of the market, because size and speed of growth provide other means of establishing where the market is placed.

'Art students, collectors and investors alike would benefit from the long-term approach of the analysis, aiming at addressing the fundamental drivers of a recent but deeply rooted phenomenon.'  Giovanni Gasparini  Il Sole 24 Ore (2012)

'Running through this well-informed, pragmatic analysis of how the economic ascendancy of China, India and the Middle East will affect the artworld's international dynamics is a preoccupation with the resurgence of market interest in aesthetic and cultural tradition in these new markets.' (J.J. Charlesworth Art Review Jan/Feb 2012)

'Iain Robertson's third book may not have the catchiest of titles, but is by far his best book yet. It has the advantage of being written entirely by him and being focused on his core area of study and expertise.' Melanie Gerlis (The Art Newspaper, 2012)

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