Hiroshi Senju
Ode to Truth


Korean Collective

Additional Catalogue essays

Korean Odyssey. Antje Siebrecht (1993)

Rembrandt the Etcher, National Museum of History, Taiwan (1996)

Meditation on a theme. Brian Falconbridge, Masterpiece Art Centre, Taipei (1996)

Consumer China: Tale of Two Cities, Hanart, London (2000)

The Development of Art Markets and the London Contemporary Art Scene
, Sungkok Museum, Seoul (2001)Fine Art Museum, Taipei (2002)

Korean Contemporary Art Of Origin and Future, I-Myu, London (2005)

Jiang Shanqing, About the Ink Communicating through ink (2010)

Korean Collective II, Albemarle Gallery, London (2011)

So didst thou travel on life's common way. The Art of Zhang Yu, Sem-Art Monaco (2012)

Sequence and Pattern, Albemarle Gallery, London (2012)

Korean Collective III. Beneath the surface a glimmer of hope. Albemarle Gallery, London (2013)

Mari Kim. The Eyes of the World. Shine Gallery, London (2014)

Lee Jaehyo. Studies in chiaroscuro, Albemarle Gallery, London (2014)